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Her children and family have always known her as an artist. She was previously the owner and creator behind Chichiboulie, a small company specialised in creating one-of-a-kind and personalised artwork and illustrations for children and boutique companies. Since that time, her art has evolved, and she now sells her paintings under her own name.

Gretchen is a predominantly self-taught artist, and her style has progressed over the years. Today her work is in abstracts and abstract realism. She works largely in acrylic and mixed media and loves to explore texture in her paintings. She is also fascinated by the layering of colour and the effects it produces.

Having grown up in coastal New England, now living near the French northern coast, and a frequent visitor of Cornwall’s cliffs and beaches as well as England's Lake District, Gretchen is inspired by nature and landscapes - in particular the ocean - and often evokes these scenes in her art.

Gretchen hopes that through her art she can translate and evoke feelings about events and places, rather than simple representations of them. 

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